Pain & Inflammation

If you have been living with chronic pain from an old injury or simply by getting older, we can offer you a simple and effective treatment that is drug and side effect free.

Our treatments work without the need for sedation or any kind of drugs. Our infrared laser equipment has been developed to aid with the effective treatment of pain.

Pain-any pain whether chronic, new, intermittent, nerve, dental, dull, sharp, or nagging can be resolved using PBM/LLLT.

We have many patients who have seen a dramatic improvement in the quality of their lives as a result of their pain being reduced or removed.

This process begins by reducing Inflammation and swelling over the affected areas then by applying the cold laser to the spinal nerves which lead to the areas where the pain is experienced. This has the effect of blocking the pain message whilst healing is established.

Please feel free to call us to discuss your situation, we are happy to talk to you.